What Is Safari Photographer?

AR Learning Activity - AR Animal Cards

As a professional wildlife photographer, how can you not recognize your subject? Learning through the interactive AR cards, students can recognize animal names, 3D shapes, movements and their pronunciation. Get familiarized with the National Park of wild animals before shooting.

VR Learning Activity - Safari Adventure

Support VR Mode & 360° Mode, provide full immersive view where learners can learn in a native speaking scene.

Powered by Knowledge Graph

All activities and knowledge point assessments of each student are recorded in real time for learners to know the learning feedback and will be uploaded to the cloud-based learning management system (ClassMind).

Task-based activities

Gamified task-based activities are provided to motivate students to learn animal names, actions and living habits in English.


Why Choose Safari Photographer?

Learn by Gaming Activities

Get rid of the mechanical repetition of English learning! Learning through playing allows children to enjoy the fun of learning. The funny and interactive "Safari Photographer" integrates English learning into the real English context and environment.

Immersive Learning

Children are immersed in the virtual wilderness adventures, feel the charm of the nature of the animal kingdom, Safari Photographer can stimulate children's curiosity and creativity. Throughout the game, children are motivated to learn English and experience a new, disruptive English learning mode. "Safari Photographer" is the perfect combination of education, science and technology!