What Is KIZVR?

Provide Interactive VR Experience

Flexible handheld mode with wrist strap offer a full VR experience. An action button is attached for better engagement and interaction with the virtual world.

Protect Your Eyes

KIZVR is a eye-glasses friendly VR googles with high quality optics and anti-blue light filter that protect your eyes from high-energy visible (HEV) blue light.

Ergonomic VR Goggles

To prevent children from any possible harm, KIZVR is made of skin friendly and cleanable materials with no hard edges or sharp corners.

Perfect Fit Mobiles

It is compatible with any smartphone with a screen between 4" and 6", provide a fully audio-visual immersive with 2-side opening for connecting earphones & isolation of light for a surreal panoramic view.


Why Choose KIZVR?

Facilitate Teaching & Learning

The stylish & compact VR headset, is poised to provide engaging, interactive and fun lessons to children. The concretized knowledge point which in favour of understanding and memorization will enhance the learning efficiency for children. Teachers can increase students' learning motivation and interest at ease by using KIZVR to provide a immersive learning experience

Exclusive Learning Resources

Apart from VR hardware, we create fascinating e-learning platforms which lead us to the next generation learning. As an English learning game with Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), Safari Photographer facilitates learning of vocabularies and animal living habits in an immersive environment with a pack of AR animal cards. VR Chat is an oral practicing platform with content management system (CMS) for teaching and learning English and Mandarin. Supported by speech recognition technology, learners can practise and review their oral skill anytime, anywhere.