What Is GradMind?

Advanced Algorithm

Our real-time adaptive engine makes continuous predictions, recommendations and unique instructional decisions for every learner.

Actionable Analytics

Learning report tracks learner progress, identifying what they excel in and discovering their weakest areas. Accelerating learner growth to help them achieve their full learning potential.

Assessment as Learning

Seamlessly embed our assessment capabilities into different learning products, deliver to any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile.

TEIs Authoring Tool

Our TEIs (technology-enhanced items) authoring tool aims to help education specialists to create comprehensive assessment. Our assessment engine analyses how real learners interact with the learning materials so educators can improve them over time.


Why Choose GradMind?

Intuitive for Modern-Day Learners

Learners are already familiar with drag & drop, multiple choices questions and reordering of elements. It expands the range of cognitive skills that can be assessed. Learners get real-time response to their work. It decreases the risk of learner falling behind and giving up.

Mobile Technology Enhanced

The use of touchscreen devices is naturally appealing to the learner, it allows multi-media TEI type with its microphone, speaker and camera functions, providing seamless assessment experience. With thousands of pre-written items (continuously growing) available for creating, peer-reviewing, and sharing, our item templates enable educators to deploy assessment straight to the learners.

Meaningful Insights on Learner Response by Data analytics

The technology actively uses research about how people learn. It constantly collect learning data over time and refine the algorithms. Explore further into the learner’s thought process throughout an assessment. TEIs capture the micro-interactions such as response time, response changes, item navigation, and items skipped.

Cost Effectives for Educators

GradMind tracks each learner’s progress and provide educators with class reports. Educators get data with insights into learner needs. Our adaptive item calibration approach keeps tracing learner’s response to each item and flagging the low-performing items. Effectively improve the assessment quality and deliver reliable results of learner performance. Being computer scorable makes the process of gathering scoring data more simple and efficient. With Speech Recognition Assessment Technology, Audio & Spoken Response TEI are easily evaluated.