What Is English Galaxy
(Personal Version)?

Gamified Learning Platform

Through games and challenges with exciting game effects, English Galaxy makes English Learning more interesting.

Leading Content Partner & Comprehensive Courseware

Cooperating with the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), which is the largest foreign language publisher in Mainland China, we provide qualified English learning content and comprehensive courseware. English Galaxy integrates learning materials from English Journey by FLTRP, which is designed according to the standard of Cambridge Young Learners English Test, and is applicable to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standards.

Powered by Knowledge Graph

All learning contents are grouped by theme as galaxies and planets and mapped in a universal knowledge graph for easy monitoring of learning progress.

Advanced Adaptive Technologies

English Galaxy uses an adaptive personalized learning framework, integrating semantics network, machine learning, big data and more. Through intelligent analysis, appropriate materials and learning path will be given to each learner to improve learning efficiency.

What Is English Galaxy
(Classroom Version)?

Digital Teaching Materials

All required digital teaching materials are integrated in our English Galaxy Application.

Interesting Interactive Tools

Through quizzes and challenges with exciting game effects, English Galaxy enhances in-class effectiveness and also makes English Learning more interesting.

Why Choose English Galaxy?

Explore & Engage

Student can learn from connected activities in classes and home by engaging in interactive learning games.

Evaluation report

Our adaptive engine tracks student learning progress and performance. Detailed learning report can be generated by these data for better understanding about overall class performance and individual mastery level, by which teachers can share the growth of students with parents.

Class Integration

Teacher guide and lesson plan are provided. Teachers can supplement classroom teaching with English Galaxy Classroom version. The progress will be updated to individual student profile. English Galaxy will generate corresponding learning activities and daily missions for consolidation.

Personalized Learning

English Galaxy Personal version uses adaptive learning technologies to present the most appropriate materials and learning path to each learner to maximize learning efficiency.