What is language learning solution?

One of the main techniques to improve language abilities is to increase contacts with the target language by immersing oneself where the target language is spoken, in the environment. Technology helps to do so. English Galaxy, KIZVR, Safari Photographer and VR Chat give an immersive learning experience to learners, while GradMind measures and analyses learner’s response.

How does this benefit your learning and teaching?

Breakthough Teaching Boundaries!

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that generates realistic images, sounds, and other sensory inputs that replicate an environment. They provide a virtual reality learning environment to students which widen students' exploration in classes and home.

Higher Engagement with Active Learning

Gamified learning app that complements in-class learning, encourages students to learn via playing and reviewing language missions at their own pace inside or outside the classroom. Students can enjoy and have fun in interactive and immersive learning games, get ready to be an active learner!

Accelerate Learning Efficiency

With adaptive technology, immersive learning games concurrently evaluate and track learner's learning progress and results. With algorithms being the backbone of our AI powered app and knowledge graphs, it generate best-fit learning schedule and exercise to learns that aid accelerating their growth to strengthen knowledge retention. By using content management system (CMS), teachers can manage the learning content or generate question with ease for subject ot theme based exercise.

Detailed Report Analytical

Memory Bot provide real-time record of student’s performance. Reports can be generated by the system to give teachers and parents actionable analytics to review and support consistent growth of learners.


Products Included in Language Learning Solution

English Galaxy

A gamified English learning tool designed for children aged 5 to 12. Through games and challenges with exciting game effects, English Galaxy make English Learning more interesting.

Chinese Galaxy

A one-stop theme-based and gamifed online learning platform designed for K-6 students to learn Chinese as a second language (CSL). It combines innovative educational technology with teaching and learning resources to aid students in learning Chinese in a fun and easy method.


A brand new learning experience with ground breaking reality simulating technologies to maximize learning and creativity.

Safari Photographer

An English learning game with AR / VR, which facilitates learning of the vocabulary of animals and their living habits in an immersive environment.

VR Chat

An language speaking platform for English and Mandarin learners. Supported by speech recognition technology, students can practise and review their oral skill anytime, anywhere.


Leverage the power of technology to measure and analyse learner’s response and improve the learning experience with innovative software and novel educational technologies including artificial intelligence.