What is 101 Creative Pack?

The 101 Creative Pack program provides an interactive and multi-sensory experience for learners. It consists of the VR & AR creator, lesson design tool and educational contents. 101 Creative Pack has the unique advantage in teaching and learning abstract concepts in an engaging way.

How does this benefit your learning and teaching?

Learn by Doing

With completed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) courseware, it immerses students in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration. Cultivating your problem-solving ability and comprehensive skills by doing, which turns learners into makers.

Release Your Creativity

By using tons of VR/2D/3D materials and user-friendly interface, you can build and explore your own fantastic virtual world with ease. Empower your imagination and hold the keys to innovation.

Massive Qualified Resources

Currently the online library covers more than 40 kinds and around 30,000 assets, including diversified art styles, abundant 3D and VR scenes, characters, animals, architectures, plants, microorganism, multimedia and so on.

Share and Contribute as a Community

In 101 Content Store and My Disk, you can share your own work with your teammates or collaborate with others to finish the project. Moreover, you are welcome to upload your masterpiece onto our creativity community, and tell the world your brilliant idea.


Products Included in 101 Creative Pack

101 AR

With the easy-to-use AR editor, no matter teachers or student can create their own AR effect. Apply AR technology in the classroom, vividly show the complex and abstract concepts.

101 VR

Including General Studies, Science, History and other subjects of teaching resources, teachers can easily establish or modify the VR content for teaching, experience different learning and teaching experience in the classroom. Students can also create their own VR content at 101 VR to showcase their learning outcomes.


101 EDU PPT is an integrated professional application helps teachers to minimize the preparation time for teaching and create a positive classroom atmosphere with a massive teaching resources of all K12 subjects.