What Is 101 VR?

Powerful VR Content Editor

Create any VR content in 101 VR which is supported by a huge resources of 3D contents from galaxy, ocean, microorganism to even historical stories. You can also edit and adjust the cameras, characters or the enviorment by sequences and coniditions.

Easy for Non-tech Users

With a user-friendly interface, no coding knowledge is required to create VR content. Simply drag and drop the items into the scene to make animations or create events.

Gigantic Resource Library

101 VR offers massive updated online resources not limited to 3D objects and VR contents catagorized by disciplines. Teacher can customize the coursewares from the library to suit the teaching or create your VR content from zero.

Distribute VR Content Freely

Only few steps needed to distribute the VR content from your computer to anywhere, from AOS mobiles, affortable VR Goggles to high-end VR devices. It also supports to export videos and images.

Why Choose 101 VR?

Applied to Various Disciplines

Coursewares, 3D objects and multimedia materials from the resource library are catagorized by discipline such as Chinese, Science and History. Teachers can get the rescources from the library that are suitable for the teaching and modify them to fit student needs.

Unprecedented Learning Experience

Learning is not limited in classroom anymore with VR. Giving learners an immersive learning experience is much easier than before, no matter rhetoric, historical stories or microorganism, teachers are able to establish the abstract concepts by using 101 VR.

Learn STEAM by Doing

Students learn to think creatively, reason logically and systematically through adopting the concept and knowledge of interdisciplinary to create a 3D scene in 101 VR. They can execute their ideas and learning results with their own creativity.