What Is VR Chat?

Diversified Scene

Various courses and topics can be chosen for everyday life situations including airport, cafe, library in VR Chat.

Speech Assessment

Speech Recognition Technology adopting big data technology supports real-time analysis of speech accuracy & fluency, Auto-scoring on about phonemes, words, phrases, and sentences. Objective and detailed assessment are provided for users to pinpoint the weakness for improvement.

Bilingual Option

VR chat offers English and Mandarin for learners to facilitate their learning

Performance Analysis and Report

Assessment by Speech Recognition Technology generates performance score and report for learners and teachers to review the learning outcome. All conversations are recorded for playing back. Learning recommendations in real time are provided for learners to know the best activity to try next.


Why Choose VR Chat?

Open Mouth to Speak English

The immersive learning environment makes learners highly engaged in language speaking activities. Learners can enjoy stress-free oral practicing opportunity to avoid feeling hesitated and embarrassed in the traditional face-to-face oral exercises.

Flexible Learning Environment

VR Chat is a timeless and convenient oral practising platform for language learners. Without actually travelling to somewhere, users are put to different environment to explore the relative conversation content in various scene. It offers high flexibility to students by switching scene in a second.