What Is ClassMind?

Course Data Management

ClassMind web portal centralizes students & teachers' profiles, tuition fees records, course curricular in the cloud based system. Daily administration works including e-registration and enrolment can be performed at a time.

Tripartite Communication Platform

A digital platform connecting school, teachers and parents to strengthen relationships between all parties by our convenient communication channels. Instant messaging system allows news broadcast and updates anytime in which all history will be recorded for review.

Support Marketing Activity

Promotional campaigns based on marketing trends is a key that lead to success of a business. Classmind supports promotion code management to cater for the marketing activities. Detailed monitoring allows for stress-free handling of unforeseen events.

Schedule Management

Daily schedule shows all course information comprising time, classroom, teacher, enrolled student at a glance. Learning centre can easily edit and mark attendance on the web portal.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Statistical reports of payment, teachers' attendance record, course enrolment distribution can be generated and exported in a customize period of time. Learning centre can further conduct analysis about its financial performance and enrolment distribution to get marketing insight.

Admission Invoicing and Payment Monitoring

Classmind generates customized invoice which will be automatically sent and stored on both web portal and Parent App as a record. Payment monitor by web portal highlights students who is unpaid and reminder will be sent to those Parent App automatically.

How It Works

There are 3 individual portals for different parties to facilitate their need

Administration Web Portal

ClassMind web portal centralizes student profiles, tuition fees records, course curricula and manages daily administration work by cloud based system.
  • Manage teacher, student and course information at a glance
  • Simple steps for registration and enrolment
  • Arrange schedules
  • Keep payment record and generate report
  • Communicate with teachers and parents by instant message system
  • Send broadcast news and updates anytime
  • Create promotional campaigns based on marketing trends
  • Manage admin account with permissions

Teacher App

Teacher App assists teachers in classroom management such as digital attendance taking and homework assigning
  • Take attendance
  • Record class/student progress and synchronize to Parent App and Web Portal
  • Assign homework to all or individual students
  • Give comment and attractive icons to encourage students
  • Check course schedule
  • Remind teacher to attend class by notification
  • Communicate with learning centre and parents by instant message system
  • Receive student leave application

Parent App

Parent App helps parents to monitor their children’s in-class performance easily and provide notifications for tuition payment
  • Keep track on all of their kids’ learning progress by class record and teacher’s feedback
  • Apply leave for kids
  • Keep record of payment
  • View course schedule
  • Communicate with learning centre and teachers by instant message system
  • Receive notifications for tuition payment