What is Chinese Galaxy?

Gamified Learning Platform

Delivered via games and challenges with vibrant gaming effects, Chinese Galaxy makes learning Chinese interesting.

Leading Content Partner & Comprehensive Courseware

Cooperating with one of mainland China's top publishers, Chinese Galaxy provides proficient Chinese learning content and comprehensive courseware. Developed by experienced Chinese instructors teaching in international schools, the course follows the learning structures of the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Powered by Knowledge Graph

Learning contents are grouped as galaxies by theme and mapped out in a knowledge graph for ease of monitoring learning progress.

Advanced Adaptive Technologies

Learning efficiency is boosted via combining the use of an adaptive personalized learning framework with appropriate learning materials, integrating semantics network, machine learning and big data to prevent students going astray on the learning path.


Why Choose Chinese Galaxy?

Explore & Engage

Students can learn from connected activities in class and at home by engaging in interactive learning games.

Evaluation Reports

In aiding teachers keep track of overall class progress and parents keeping track of individual student's progress, all students' online and offline learning data is analyzed using AI adaptive technology to generate insightful reports showing level of mastery.

Personalized Learning

Combining AI-powered engine and adaptive technology to generate assessments aid in producing and delegating personalized learning content to keep students engaged and stimulated in learning Chinese.