What Is 101 AR?

Web Portal for AR Editing

101 AR includes a web portal for AR editing. User can compose their AR content with a mobile device by simply upload an AR tracker and insert related content on the tracker. It also able to create interactions for the AR content such as buttons or record audio.

Mobile App for Viewing

With 101 AR mobile app, you can view your AR project by scaning the AR tracker. While editing your project, you are able to preview and test the result with the app before publish.

3D Resource Library

Thousands of 3D rescources are available in 101 AR, you can apply them to your projects freely. You can also upload your own materials to create the AR effect.

AR Your Digital Content

Not only 3D objects can be uploaded and create AR effect, multimedia content such as images, audio and videos can also upload to our cloud server. Our CMS accepts popular media file types, allowing you to create and replace the default set of trackers and actions anytime, anywhere.
User Benefit

Why Choose 101 AR?

Augmented Reality in Classroom

ETopics like Science/History/Geography...etc. can be truly brought to life with AR. Rather than just using a book for teaching, AR helps to bring the learning content alive. For examples, Teachers are able to the idea of revolution and rotation in the solar system and students can get the concepts with a glance.

Simple and Efficient

Both teachers and students can be familiar with 101 AR with ease. A mobile device with internet connection can share AR project to others, it is as simple as you upload an image from instagram.

Personalized Learning Outcome

Not just teachers can benefit from 101 AR, students can also make their own projects to express their ideas, and make the presentation clearier.