What Is 101 EDU PPT?

Massive Qualified Teaching Resources

Our cloud platform contains over 780,000 excellent teaching materials, including multimedia resources and interactive exercises, exclusive VR and 3D resources.

Diversified Teaching Tools

We provide 58 teaching tools which are related to basic subjects, such as English Language, Maths and Physics. It aims to facilitate teachers giving lectures and help students better understand and learn the knowledge point.

Interesting Interactive Tools

Learn from the real cases of teaching, we provide 18 mostly used interactive tools for teachers, such as brush, spotlight and magnifier, which helps to draw students' attention and make teaching more effective.

Cross-platform Software

We support both mobile devices and PCs to avoid the limitation of platform and portability.

Why Choose 101EDU PPT?

Reduce Planning Time

In the traditional form of lesson preparation, teachers usually spend a lot of time to search for relevant teaching resources online, but can not find the right resources. 101 EDU PPT helps teachers to solve this trouble. Our library contains resources for most of the disciplines in the K-12, such as Chinese, English, Mathematics, and Physics. In addition, the resources are catagorized by version, grade and subject, teachers can quickly find the appropriate resources and apply to the lesson.

Boost Teaching Efficiency

How to make the class more interesting? It is one of the most common questions that teachers ask. Apart from a bunch of worksheet or multiple choices, can we have more options?
In 101 EDU PPT, teachers can simply create many interesting exercises with the templates. We offer more than 450,000 exercises (fundamental and fun exercises) and over 35 types of game-based exercises, like puzzle game, matching game, crossword, etc. Besides, 58 subject tools are like bridges between abstract concepts and visual objects. It helps teachers to explain the complex knowledge in vivid way. There is no doubt that there will be more interaction between teachers and students in class with this hassle-free software.

Low Learning Cost

Many teachers may worry that it takes a long time to learn a new software. 101 EDU PPT is designed as a plugin of PowerPoint that the user interface and user experience are similar to Office PowerPoint. The resource platform and teaching tools are seamlessly merged with PowerPoint. Teachers are not required to spend extra time to learn it.

Access Anytime Anywhere

After completing preparation of courseware and exercise, teachers usually need to copy the material from the USB to the classroom and copy it again to the PC, which will be a big trouble if the USB is lost or can’t be recognized.
By using the 101 EDU PPT, teacher can directly save the material to “My Drive” by one click after completing preparation of the material. It supports multimedia files and all materials will be automatically sorted according to types. Whether at home, school or other places, teachers can easily download and edit the file on "My Drive" via the internet.