About Us

Growing in Hong Kong, cherrypicks is a leading mobile technology and mobile business developer in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the past 10 years, we have represented Hong Kong and China on multiple international arena. We have also received more than 100 local and international awards including the United Nations 2013 World Summit. The company's early entrepreneurial story has also become a Harvard Business School research case (# N9-807-106).

With innovative mobile technology research and development, cherrypicks learning think of science and technology to enhance teaching and learning experience, effectiveness to help children learn with joy. Through intelligent analysis and interactive learning model, teachers and parents can learn more about the needs of children in order to learn more about the behavior and characteristics of children in the course of learning.

cherrypicks learning is committed to combining creativity and enhancing the user experience to provide quality education for a better world. With the development of education technology, more advanced learning experience and adaptive teaching model will lead teachers and parents to a new era.